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From:  Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd., UK
To:  SIAM Members and Readers

Greetings from the UK!

Back in 1982 I had a Masters dissertation to write about the Korteweg–de Vries equation. So I got my girlfriend’s mother – she did typing jobs for pocket money on her electric golfball typewriter – to type it up for me. Helen’s Mum didn’t like me much anyway; she liked me even less after she’d had to change her golfball every time my dissertation called for a mathematical symbol or an italic (and change it back again afterwards). Sad to say, the relationship with Helen didn’t survive the experience.

After writing the document using our point-and-click interface, just select Typeset – Preview PDF (v5.5) or PDF Preview (v6.0).
Click to see the fabulous typeset appearance here .

Three years later, I was back at university writing a doctoral thesis. Helen was long gone; I needed another way. And that’s how, 30 years ago, we got into PC-based scientific word-processing with a program called T3 – the DOS forerunner of Scientific Word [more about that here].

So if you’ve ever experienced pain getting your mathematical papers written… well, we understand. It's bad! The pain of trying to write equations in Microsoft Word. The pain of learning a programming language like LaTeX. The pain of struggling with the appearance rather than thinking about the content of your document. If writing your papers isn't the most fun thing you do – and if the output isn't as beautiful as the graphic below – then today's your lucky day!

Because from today you can forget the pain, and easily produce the most amazing-looking documents (the academic content, that's up to you)! How? By asking us to supply you with the world's premier scientific wordprocessing / technical typesetting software for your papers and presentations:

So here are the two key steps to follow if you're ready to leave the pain behind once and for all and start producing those eye-catching documents we promised:

  1. Claim your free Skype call with us to determine how Scientific Word can meet the particular requirements of your department, and we'll confirm your eligibility. Just respond by Email, marked for my personal attention. (And if it's not of interest for yourself, which of your colleagues and graduate students could benefit most from some help in this area?)

  2. At the same time, you can start experiencing the power of this amazing software with the complimentary 30-day trial of Scientific Word v5.5 or v6.0. These are both current versions: choose between the new v6.0 and the mature (and very popular) v5.5. Download either of the programs here to get started... and reading this page will be the best 10 minutes you've spent all year!

It's nearly 35 years now since Helen's Mum typed up my dissertation. In that time, we have more than solved the problem of scientific word-processing. I lost the girlfriend – but gained a worldwide family of like-minded academics. And every day, they're busy producing amazing-looking, professionally-typeset documents across a whole range of disciplines. So I'll look forward to the possibility of a conversation with you, and offering you our accumulated experience.

You might be ready to join them...

Yours sincerely,



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Last Updated: 19th. November 2016