May 2017

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    Here's some further news and technical tips to help you get the best from your Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook system.
    The current version is v6.0.26. The changes below are relatively minor, but you may wish to update to the current version if any of these fixes are relevant to you (the installation instructions are here).


  1. Version 6.0.26:    The changes in v6.0.26 are:

  2. Version 6.0.25:    The changes in v6.0.25 are:

  3. Kaspersky problem:    One of our users Emailed about a problem he'd experienced on Windows 7 and Windows 10:
    I use Kaspersky as my internet security software and very good it is, truly paranoid on my behalf, which is comforting. The problem in every update is not is not in the update of of the Scientific Workplace but in the Latex section of the update. In that part of the update procedure whatever changes are being made sets Kaspersky off questioning every change made and I have to keep giving permissions, dozens and dozens of times or the process is stopped. Its a real pain. <snip>
    There are one or two rather more complicated solutions (ask if you'd like further details) but having considered other options we replied that:
    The best solution seems to be to uncheck the TeXLive component of the installation process, so that all you’re updating is Scientific WorkPlace itself. You’ve already got TeXLive installed, which is the component that seems to give Kaspersky the trouble.
    Perhaps you’ll let us know how that works out after the next update?
    We didn't hear back from him, so we're assuming no news is good news!

  4. Creating bibliographies:    A question submitted from the contact box on our Scientific WorkPlace page asked:
    How can I add a bibliographic reference in SWP
    to which we replied saying:
    There are step by step instructions for creating bibliographies with Scientific WorkPlace v5.5 on our website at
    More generally, the v5.5 How To page (which is no longer accessible from our website menus) contains useful tips for getting started with equations, graphs and bibliographies in v5.5.

  5. BibTeX in v6.0:    Suppose you want to add your own bibliographic references to your Scientific Word/WorkPlace v6.0 installation in a separate BibTeX .bib database file (possibly carried forward from v5.5). To do that: After adding new v6.0 BibTeX database files, you will need to update the filename database as follows: Your new .bib file references are now available to cite in your Scientific Word/WorkPlace v6.0 documents.

  6. Videos:    Last time you went to a party – how many people there had the same birthday? To see how likely it is that in a roomful of n people there are people present with birthdays in common, check out this demonstration video showing some of the power of Scientific WorkPlace (and the other videos on our Demo videos page)...

  7. Uninstalling v6.0:    If you ever want to uninstall Scientific Word/WorkPlace, there's an uninstaller provided: However, if you're simply wanting a fresh installation of the same software, it will probably be enough just to remove the Profiles folder specified in our December 2015 mailing Item 5: before Activating Scientific Word/WorkPlace again with your serial number.

  8. v5.5 Tech. Support:    Please don't forget that – as we announced in our October 2016 mailing Item 7 – Technical Support for v5.5 of Scientific Word, WorkPlace and Notebook will be ending for Standard users on 30th June 2017, the second anniversary of the release of v6.0.
    Note: This does not apply to Premier users, Annual Maintenance sites and Support Contracts for whom we'll be continuing to provide our 2-hour service.

  9. Are you a mathematician?    Try this (non-trivial) student message home that we came across recently, and see how you fare!
    Each letter represents an integer 0 to 9; no two letters can be the same integer. The addition is in base 10.
      S E N D
     + M O R E
    M O N E Y
    We're not just looking for a solution that works, but proof that it's the only solution. If it's any help – it took our resident mathematician about an hour!


More news and tips in the summer to help you develop your expertise and make the very most of your investment in Scientific Word/WorkPlace.

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