Content & Appearance in Scientific Word v6.0
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Content & Appearance in Scientific Word v6.0

    You're probably getting quite proficient with Scientific Word by now. But people sometimes struggle at first with Scientific Word's principle of separating out the Content of a document from its Appearance. Content is what you're writing; Appearance is how it's laid out. That would include things like:

    Perhaps a quick explanation will help. The typeset appearance of a document is governed by the typesetting specifications associated with the shell document you started with (ie. what you selected after File – New). The rule is that if the shell you're using isn't giving you the appearance you want, start with a shell document that does – and then modify it as little as possible. To help you choose the best shell document, there's an online Gallery of Document Shells, most of them available in both version 5.5 and v6.0: simply click the magnifying glass after any of the shell documents to view the appearance of documents produced by that shell.

    Having chosen the best shell document to start with, you can then make any adjustments to the margins as follows:

  1. In version 5.5: Add the geometry package into your document (Typeset – Options and Packages – Package Options – Add – geometry – OK – OK) and then enter the margin dimensions into the Preamble (Typeset – Preamble) with a line of the form:
    using whatever figures you want (with in for inches or cm for centimetres).

  2. In version 6.0: Click on Typeset – Document Format – Page Layout – Enable overriding page layout – Portrait, and then go down to the Body and Margins dialogs (at the bottom) to enter the numbers you want, before clicking on OK.
    Actually, rather than entering numbers, it's easier to use the left and right arrows to adjust Body Width and Left Margin, and the up and down arrows to adjust Body Height and Top Margin.

    Packages add extra functionality for particular appearance requirements; we'll cover all that more generally later. Please don't forget to let your friends know they could also be trying Scientific Word free for 30 days! Simply click the button below to link them to our website...


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