HTML export with Scientific Word v6.0
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HTML export with Scientific Word v6.0 (demo video here)

    One of the powerful new features of the upgrade from Scientific Word v5.5 to v6.0 is its ability to create beautiful-looking web pages from your scientific documents. Just follow through with this example to create a document (Steps 1 to 4 below) and then export it to HTML (Steps 5 to 8) – but also see our February 2019 mailing Item 3:

  1. Click on File – New – Articles – Elbert Walker's Article
  2. File – SaveAs – \SWDocs\ElbertWalker (with Save-as-type being Documents)
  3. Close and re-open the document
  4. Optional: turn off View – Helper lines and View – Input boxes if you don't want green lines appearing in your web document
  5. File – ExportToWeb – \SWDocs\ElbertWalker (with Save-as-type being "Zip file with web refs for CSS and MathJax")
  6. In Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder locate \SWDocs\ (not the folder ElbertWalker_work). The zip file should have both a css and a graphics subfolder
  7. Slight difference here between Windows and Mac:
    • In Windows Explorer: right-click, Extract All to the default \SWDocs\ElbertWalker – Extract to create the folder \SWDocs\ElbertWalker
    • In the Mac Finder: right-click and Open to create the ElbertWalker folder
  8. In Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder, go to the \SWDocs\ElbertWalker folder and click on ElbertWalker.xhtml to open in your web browser.

    We've tested this primarily with Google Chrome; other browsers may vary. In case your browser doesn't do a good job of it, it's supposed to look like this. Beautiful, or what?

    Just imagine your own maths/economics/scientific papers – looking similarly fabulous – and produced as easily as this! That's absolutely possible... with Scientific Word.


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