Coronavirus: flexible licensing arrangements to cover temporary working from home
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Working from home

If you or your colleagues are working from home on account of the current coronavirus situation, please contact us for creative solutions to provide you with the Scientific Word/WorkPlace licensing you need.

For example, you could buy a 6-month licence for 1/3 of the Licence Calculator price (please see our May 2013 mailing Item 4), now extendable upon request to 12 months for a second 1/3 of the then-current price – convertible to a permanent licence for a final 1/3 payment.
That's to say, new Fixed licences you buy to cover this short-term need can be bought in instalments, with options to terminate at 6- and 12-months. This offer applies to Commercial and Educational licences.

And to make this instalment deal even sweeter: If you buy the v5.5 Scientific Word/WorkPlace Training Course videos (£197* Commercial, with Educational discount to £147*):

  1. We'll give you another £50 discount (that we would normally reserve for buying the videos together with a permanent Fixed licence) by giving you a £50 rebate against your first 6-month licence for Scientific Word/WorkPlace
  2. And we'll also give you complimentary access to Section Two of the version 6.0 Training videos (about 45 minutes).
* If you're inside the EU, please add VAT to these prices.

And if these offers don't help – why not Email us your own ideas? We'll consider all reasonable suggestions with a view to making them work.


Last Updated: 18th March 2020