The manuals for Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook
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Registered users of our software – and those trying out the 30-day demo – are welcome to download the PDF versions of the manuals for the relevant program: Scientific WorkPlace (Getting Started, Creating Documents and Doing Mathematics), Scientific Word (Getting Started and Creating Documents) or Scientific Notebook (Getting Started and Doing Mathematics).
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Version 6.0

Our Easy Start guide to make sure you're up and running – easily – today.

Getting Started (1.6Mb)

Creating basic and advanced documents is straightforward when document creation tasks are explained in detail. The manual presents step-by-step instructions for working with document files, entering text and mathematics, formatting, and previewing and printing with and without LaTeX and pdfLaTeX typesetting. It also includes information about structuring documents for typesetting and for online use, managing documents, and customizing the program. (115 pages)

Creating Documents (7.4Mb)

The manual describes how to use MuPAD® to do a wide range of mathematics without dealing directly with the syntax of the computer algebra systems. The book is organized around the undergraduate mathematics curriculum for ease of use by beginners through professionals. It includes basic procedures, examples, instructions, and sample solutions. (539 pages).

Doing Math (10.9Mb)


Version 5.5

Getting Started (1.2Mb)
Creating Documents (4Mb)
Doing Math (11.5Mb)
Typesetting Documents (1.9Mb)


Gallery of Document Shells (6.5Mb)


Last Updated: 12th September 2020
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